Diwan Al Dawla vs. NSW Government (Apr 2019)

  Wathīqat Dīwān Al Dawla (Arabic, Feb 2020)

  Declaring Eid Al Fitr 1441H (2020) (Arabic, May 2020)

Diwan Al Dawla is a public guild that advances a way of living based upon a Qur'ānic narrative. The name of the guild is based on the Arabic word al dawla to promote its binding of collaborative effort upon standards of religious self-governance. Read more

In addition to the reading, studying and remembrance of the Book of Allāh, Diwan Al Dawla's practical endeavour involves the religious mission of empowering individuals in overcoming structural religious disadvantage. This is achieved by providing them with practical socioeconomic support and assistance. Read more

Al Dawla Arabians

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