A supporter who wishes to become a member of Diwan Al Dawla applies to the guild by sending an email to To be a member of Diwan Al Dawla is to agree to support the purposes of the guild and to live in accordance with the governance standards that are considered to be part of living a unitarian way of life (على منهاج التوحيد).

Governance Standards

The governance standards include agreeing to live by and to promote the following three areas of religious self-governance:

    1. Personal governance: Spiritual residency or iqāma status being not applicable in the current circumstances. This has implications on day to day matters of life, including the daily ṣalāt, which is practiced in a jamʾ and qasr form, and jumuʿa, for which the conditions are not considered to be met in the present circumstances.
    2. Community governance: Separation from religious associations that are incorporated under state laws in relation to day to day services and any intercommunity relations.
    3. Financial governance: Attaining income through the structure of Diwan Al Dawla (i.e. income tax-exempt) and in following the aḥkām al ghanīma as stated in the Qurʿān (Al Anfāl: 41).

To seek further advice or clarification regarding these three governing standards, please contact the Imām.

Membership Process

Diwan Al Dawla follows the following process in order to register a new member:

    1. Receive an application via email (
    2. Verify application details with the applicant.
    3. Issue a membership certificate to the new member.
    4. Provide trust bank account details to the new member.
    5. Issue a email address to the new member.

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