Diwan Al Dawla has identified the problem of State related religious bias as a major cause in the increase of the disadvantage of individuals and families living in areas like Western Sydney.

The prevalence of a sense of disenfranchisement in various community pockets and on social media has led to the formation of a sub-culture of religious disadvantage and marginalisation, which in turn has had a negative impact on the social integration of individuals and their families.

Diwan Al Dawla is particularly concerned with the State related structural factors that lead to an identity crisis among younger individuals. When this identity struggle is underway, individuals search for answers about their sense of belonging and place in the world. In the absence of a sustainable community scheme that offers an autonomous and active approach, such a search often ends in vulnerability and even radicalisation.

Diwan Al Dawla's strategy serves as a vehicle to encourage and empower individuals in overcoming structural religious disadvantage and to provide them with the religious counselling and the practical missionary training that drives their autonomous spiritual life.

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