Diwan Al Dawla’s mission involves tackling the structural religious disadvantage that has resulted from a state government upholding religious symbols that bear crusader crosses (see Diwan Al Dawla's statement, pp 2-3) and which have social and religious narrative implications. Such aggressive use of religious symbols has introduced imbedded psychological biases that play out with issues of religious discrimination, social disenfranchisement and financial disadvantage among individuals and families living in areas like Western Sydney.

It is the hypocrisy of bearing crosses over what is supposed to be secular, such as public institutions and public flags, that has resulted in an ensuing religious hypocrisy on the incorporated association level. Hypocritical religious associations are willing to incorporate their religious practice to become incorporated under the symbols of another religion. It is this religious hypocrisy that has ultimately bred radicalisation amongst a youth subculture who have continued to struggle with an identity crisis resulting from such hypocrisy.

Diwan Al Dawla’s objective is to fight religious hypocrisy and to empower its members, particularly the youth, in overcoming structural religious disadvantage by providing them with a practical missionary engagement accompanied by religious counselling to positively drive their autonomous spiritual life.

For Diwan Al Dawla, religious separation does not necessarily imply secular isolationism. The concept of the secular implies that a religious practitioner of Diwan Al Dawla could be invested in a secular process, but such consent is not attained when forced to become subservient to an entity that uses the religious symbols of another religion. Such coercion is a serious matter of religious persecution.

Diwan Al Dawla as an unincorporated religious charity carries a solution to an ongoing religious crisis that only an unincorporated religious association of its like can tackle. Diwan Al Dawla is an alternative to incorporating one religion under a state that bears the religious symbols of another religion; an alternative that is a historical reality in Australian society and not one to be granted by its religious adversaries.

Diwan Al Dawla's Semitic religious way is grounded in a unitarian narrative, which entails that its religious practice be free. This is giving promise to a generation of religiously disadvantaged youth. Diwan Al Dawla's way is one of civilisational building and hope, its adherents do not want destruction and despair to prevail.

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