The strategy that Diwan Al Dawla employs to meet its religious mission is framed within the 3 i’s inform-integrate-inspire. The strategy is centered on the following two broad objectives:

Objective 1 To counsel, mentor and inspire individuals in order to enhance their capacity to tackle religious disadvantage by living a spiritual pious life.

Strategy 1

Diwan Al Dawla has developed an educational model that tackles structural religious disadvantage by aiding the process of building communion. By way of mentoring, religious disadvantage can be addressed through a spiritual relationship that is accompanied by a community integration scheme.

The guild's mentoring program involves narratives that aid an individual to lead a spiritual life that is socially detached from secular lifestyles. Such knowledge when accompanied by an active and engaging missionary scheme can empower individuals, particularly youth, by serving as an inspirational force in their lives.


Objective 2 To relieve religious disadvantage through the free-spirited mission of building a spiritual community enterprise.

Strategy 2

The problem of disengagement and marginalisation targeted by the guild is based on a sense of grievance that is driven by structural religious disadvantage. The risk of disenfranchisement to be alleviated can, therefore, only be eliminated once the vulnerability factors that underpin this form of disadvantage are countered and a corresponding community scheme is put in place.

Diwan Al Dawla aims to achieve this through a spiritual service that provides a social scaffolding that is grounded in an active community framework. An autonomous spiritual approach, when accompanied by a charitable mission, can be a motivational force that engages individuals and inspires them to join the guild's oath of duty and sacrifice.

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